We got our start making wheelie bar wheels and related components

But did you know that we have expanded our product line to include the following components?


  • Battery switches and mounting
  • Parachute cables and handles
  • CO2 bottle mounts and knobs
  • EGT and O2 bungs
  • Lug nuts and sleeves
  • Air bleed boards
  • Panel access ports
  • Oil filter savers
  • Fuel sample valves
  • Race washers
  • Aircraft hardware
  • Apparel
  • LS Engine products

Below is a small sample of our additional products

More products will be coming soon!

3" Pro Billet Wheelie Bar Wheel

4″ Pro Billet Wheelie Bar Wheel

4″ Pro Billet Lite Wheelie Bar Wheel

CO2 Bottle Knobs

O2 & EGT Bungs

Parachute Release Kits

Air Bleed Boards

Aircraft Hardware

Battery Switch Kits

Reducer Bushings